When you see the words coming earlier than voices.

Sometimes when you download movies and it comes along with the subtitles but the subtitles is not in your language, then you found a subtitle for your language but sometimes the subtitles is not synchronize with the movie.

This is what happened to me right now so I wanted to post this if anyone find this post can fix. You can resync the subtitles easily with MPC-HC (Media Player Classic - Home Cinema)!

  • Open the movie.
  • Load the subtitle.
  • Press Ctrl+6
  • You can see the sequence of the subtitles.
  • When you see subtitles is not synchronize with current scene, pause it on the beginning of a dialog.
  • Then select the subtitles based on scene dialog on the subresync console.
  • Right click them select current.

This is how it looks

You can get Media Player Classic - Home Cinema.